Themis 2.0 Public Testnet is Live on Goerli || Become a Tester And Earn Rewards.

Themis 2.0 is finally here!

Soon you’ll have access to:

  • Up to 97% LTV on Stablecoins;
  • Chance to farm $TMS early;
  • Uniswap v2 LP Collateral;
  • Variable and stable interest rates;
  • NFT leverage;
  • Over $100B in collateralizable assets

But first we need some help from you testooors…

Use, abuse, bend, and break our dApp on Goerli as much as you can and win some sweet rewards.

Keep track of who’s winning in Discord.

Contest runs until September 30th.

Here’s a how it all works👇

Themis 2.0 Testnet will be launching. There will be two rounds with two batches of testers.

Themis NFT holders will get to exclusively test for two weeks. Everyone else will join in after.

  • Round 1 (holders) will run from September 1st — September 15th.
  • Round 2 (everyone else) will run from September 15th — September 30th.

To join the Testnet Campaign fill in this form with your Discord handle and wallet address, and don’t forget to get some Goerli ETH from a faucet for gas.

Once that’s done we’ll send you test tokens that are compatible with the app.

We’ll also tag you with a special ‘Testooors’ role in Discord and send you access to the #testnet channel that contains contest details and allows you to report bugs.

Then you’re ready to head over to the testnet page and start testing!

Do more than just supplying tokens to the Lending Pool!

The M1 tab is what we need to specifically test since it’s more complex than M0.

Use your test tokens to open pools on Uniswap, deposit them to the app and borrow against them.

Keep in mind that Themis 2.0 lets you use LP tokens from Uniswap v2 as well as v3 so you can try out both as you test.

This is how you’ll have the best chance of finding a bug and winning some sweet rewards!

Be sure to check out this video tutorial to find detailed explanations of all the things you can do with Themis 2.0.

How to Report a Bug?

Themis 2.0 Testnet rewards its users for finding bugs and issues!

The campaign will reward points users that find only these issues:

  • 1 Point for Minor Bugs — UI/UX Bugs, Copy Issues…
  • 5 Points for Medium Bugs — Breaking the dApp, Unexpected Tx Failure…
  • 10 Points for Critical Bugs — Logic Issues, Double Spending, Pool Draining, Attack Vectors…

The Themis Team reserves the right to analyze every issue in detail and scale them to the threat level they think it’s right.

Users that find a bug will have to create a thread in the #testoors channel with the following:

  • Issue Type
  • Picture, Videos, Transaction Link…
  • Detailed description of the issue — ways to replicate it, etc


Everyone that joins our testnet campaign will be rewarded with a fabulous NFT… that doesn’t carry airdrop eligibility. Sorry.

But the top 5 testooors will be able to claim another NFT with airdrop eligibility!

We’ll keep a leaderboard so you can track:

  • Valid bug reports and who claimed
  • Number of points earned per participant

Once the campaign ends, the five testooors with the most points win!

And lastly we want to give a huge shoutout to everyone participating.

Testing is an important part of making sure our app is as good as it can possibly be, and we couldn’t do it without you, our incredible community.

Thanks for helping us make Themis great!

Good luck and happy testing!!!

About Themis

Themis is a decentralized lending protocol that allows users to collateralize their liquidity positions to borrow stablecoins & blue-chip assets.

Liquidity providers can now borrow against their Uniswap v3 LP positions for the first time. Unlock the value of your LPs while your funds remain in the liquidity pool generating yield. In addition to borrowing, users can lend and farm assets and also bid on liquidated positions via Dutch Auction.

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