will be open starting today, Monday June 27th, and run through Friday, July 1st, 5 PM EST.

Rewards: TBA

Testnet 1.0 rewards: WL [x3]

Testnet 2.0: TBA

Parcl is a seed-funded synthetic asset protocol that is on a mission to deliver real estate to everyone. The protocol allows for the creation of “Parcls” — smart contracts that are representative of the average price per square foot of real estate in a given geographical area.

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You need Phantom Wallet

Getting started: Add USDC and SOL via the faucet

Before you can get started, you’ll need to add both USDC and SOL Testnet coins via the “” page. Connect your Phantom wallet to the Testnet page and simply deposit the desired Testnet amount of USDC and SOL.

Click the Faucet page to begin airdropping yourself Testnet SOL and USDC.


The Trade page allows you to trade your USDC for a Parcl of a specific neighborhood. In the example below, we are exchanging 2,000 USDC for 1.47023 “Parcls” of Williamsburg, NY.

Congratulations you now own 1.47 digital square feet of the Williamsburg, Parcl. As the real world value of Williamsburg increases, so does your investment. You can buy and sell your Parcls at anytime.


On the Pool page, you’re able to supply Parcls for traders to buy and sell in exchange for trading fees. Providing liquidity is a more advanced way to participate in Parcl by providing liquidity for the AMM and to earn trading fees. This ultimately helps ensure there’s a healthy market for buyers and sellers.

Find your previous position {Williamsburg}

Click Open Position

Depending on your investing goals, you can choose from “active” “passive” or “custom” positions.

If you’re looking for more advanced customization you can setup your own custom range by clicking the “Custom” button which will bring you to the page below. This setting was designed for those who have previous experience with concentrated liquidity.


On the Borrow page, you can deposit USDC as collateral, against which you can borrow Parcls for specific neighborhoods or cities. For each borrow transaction, the protocol mints new Parcls, whereas for each Parcl debt repayment transaction the protocol burns the Parcl. These debt positions are over-collateralized to ensure the protocol is stable and secure from a risk management perspective.

Borrowing allows you to get access to Parcl which can then be used in the trading protocol to earn trading fees via an LP position or elsewhere in the DeFi ecosystem as other developers compose with the Parcl V1 smart contract protocol. Additionally, for advanced users, borrowing Parcls and selling them is functionally equivalent to a short position.

Final: fill the form

Done )



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