SyncSwap (zkSync 2.0) Airdrop On zkSync 2.0.


SyncSwap (Twitter : is an AMM on zkSync 2.0 testnet. We previously covered some basic features of zkSync 2.0 testnet.


Community members who finished all 3 testing steps (Testing, Tweeting and Submitting on Discord) will be granted an Alpha Tester role in Discord.


You’ll need to swap, add LP, remove LP.


Quote RT.

Submitting on Discord

You’ll need to submit two screenshots (Screenshot#1, Screenshot#2) and three transaction hash (Hash#1, Hash#2, Hash#3).

Read the details here.


Getting Started:

Switch your network to ETH Goerli Testnet and get your Goerli ETH from

Head to and connect your wallet. You will automatically be asked to add the “zkSync 2.0 testnet Goerli” network.

You may also add the network manually to your metamask.

We then go to “Bridge” then “Deposit” to deposit some Goerli $ETH to zkSync 2.0. It will ask you to switch back to ETH Goerli testnet to finish the deposit.

Switch your network back to ZkSync 2.0 and check your balance at “Wallet” to confirm the deposit has landed in your address.

Step 1:

Go to SyncSwap using Connect your wallet and go to “Faucet” to claim some more test tokens.

Step 2:

Go to “Trade” and make a random swap.

We then change the fee token (token for paying gas fees) to USDC.

Also we change to slippage to 1% and make a swap again.

Remember to take a screenshot of your “transaction confirmed” window. (Screenshot #1.)

Also check on zkScan the transaction hash and note it down. (Hash #1.)

Step 3:

Now we go to pools to add liquidity.

Again we note down its transaction hash. (Hash #2)

We go back to “Pools Overview”.

And here we take a screenshot of our LP position. (Screenshot #2.)

Step 4:

We remove our LP.

Note the transaction hash. (Hash #3.)

Step 5:

Quote RT with the following information.

  • An Invitation link to join Syncswap Discord (
  • A short slogan to introduce SyncSwap or your opinion of the potential/idea of SyncSwap.
  • A few tags that are related, for example, #L222 #zkSync #Layer2 #ZKRollup #testnet #Ethereum #DeFi
  • Remember to embed a picture of your success or a poster of SyncSwap (Use a screenshot that you just took.)

Step 6:

Join their discord using and submit your work in the #📸participate-testing Discord channel, including:

  • The wallet address that participates in the testing.
  • The link to your tweet that shares the testing.
  • The screenshots you took before. (Screenshot #1, Screenshot #2)
  • At least 3 transaction hashes: trading, adding liquidity, and removing the liquidity (Hash #1, Hash #2, Hash #3)

That’s it for the guide. Ask at Syncswap Discord if you have any questions.





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