Eazi Incentivized Testnet || Reward 1,000,000 $EAZI tokens || Join And Earn Now.

What is testnet?

Participate in Testing

🎯 Recommend workflow of testing

  • Ensure your wallet is connected!
  • Switch to Testnet Mode at the top right corner
  • Claim test tokens from our faucet.
  • Deposit a few times, with different tokens(from the faucet)💱
  • Try borrowing some tokens.
  • Try withdrawing some of your Savings🌊
  • Try Sending from your Savings to some addresses.
  • Try repaying some or all of your debts.
  • Ask someone to send to you with your account number.
  • Take a screenshot of the successful Deposit, Send, Borrow, Repay, Withdraw window.
  • Take a screenshot of your Savings Dashboard page that shows your account positions 📸
  • Share with us on Discord, Twitter or on Reddit.
  • Learn more below!…

First Thing First!

  • On Savings Page, click Deposit.
  • Select Asset from the Dropdown.
  • If you are not connected to the testnet chain, Click Switch To Mumbai.
  • Click Faucet Button and confirm the transaction on your wallet.
  • Now you are ready to test!…

Want to test Savings?

  • Head to app.eazi.finance
  • Get some faucet tokens as written above
  • Test the Deposit features
  • Test the Send features
  • Test Sending & Receiving, using your account # (which will be available after your first interaction with the protocol).
  • You can also test Withdrawal, but we won’t advise that until you test the Credit features too 😊

Want to test Borrowing/Credit?

  • Head to app.eazi.finance/#/credit
  • Get some faucet tokens as written above
  • Make sure you have Savings Balance, (unless you want Uncollateralized loan. More details coming soon)
  • Having available balance in your Savings will increase your Credit Limit,
  • you can also Increase your Credit Limit on the Credit Page.
  • Test Borrow, multiple ways to do that on the Credit Page.
  • Test Repay, with its many features
  • You can also go back to Withdraw your Savings, but we won’t advise that until you test the Savings features again 😊

What more to test?

  • Test the Application
  • Test the Protocol (Documentation In Progress),
  • and be rewarded for your feedbacks and earn bounty for discovering bugs.

How to Give Feedback?

  • Join eazi Discord Community. Use the #feedback channel
  • Join eazi on Reddit. Let’s hear from you
  • Keep up-to-date with eazi on Twitter. Tweet at us



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