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What is Phezzan Protocol ?

Phezzan Protocol is a DEX on zkSync 2.0 for trading perpetual contracts while earning interests. It works in 3 simple steps:

  • You, the future customers of Phezzan, put staked or saving assets like aUST as collateral for perpetual contracts trading;
  • You trade as usual, and when you close your positions, the protocol will return your collateral back;
  • You are earning interest generated by your collateral during the trade.

Testnet Requirements :

Create a Metamask wallet and install the zkSync Testnet network — download the wallet and install the network ( search ZkSync )

Next step is Claim Faucet From website below

SyncSwap testnet faucet or zkSync official faucet:

Bridge ETH Goerli to ETH zkSync :
- Connect with Goerly Test Network
- Input Ammount

After all step above is complete lets go start testing !!

▶️ Homepage —

Connect wallet with ZkSync 2.0 Network Testnet

Request test tokens CLAIM USD , you will get $1,000 for each claim and you can claim again. ( unlimited )

Make a deposit USDC and ETH then confirm the transaction.

Click on “ Trade ” button and make a trade on “ Long ” and “ Short ” positions. input ammount of USD and confirm .

🔎Social Media :
Telegram Channel :
Telegram Group :
Twitter :
More :

your trade position will be appear here

Create to all position on APE , ETH & GMT . Create a same trade

Go to the “Pools” Menu and click “ Add liquidity ” on ETH / ETHEREUM

Adding liquidity USD any ammount as you want ..the Click on “ Add Liquidity “

Now remove 10% ammount of the liquidity

All step are complete , youare awesome . support by clapping and follow !!


You can either join our Discord server (#testnet-feedback channel) or Telegram group to provide some feedback. We appreciate your time and will listen very carefully. You can also email


The project is very promising, study the information and complete the testnet with all responsibility and know that the most active will be rewarded!



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