OnChain Block Invaders-NFT Giveaway


OnChain Block Invaders (OBI) (Web: obinft.xyz, Twitter: https://twitter.com/OcBlockInvaders) is a revolutionary 100% generated and stored on-chain PFP collection with swappable skins and colour palettes.

Their custom contracts support uploading future assets, directly on-chain, that collectors can use to change their skins and palettes without impacting the rarity system. They are also able to upload future contracts with new mechanics and render options.

1 OBI = 32 skins x 32 colour palettes = 1024 possibilities.

Each skin or colour will unlock new utility based on community proposals and voting.


Onchain Block Invaders are giving away 100 White List spots plus another 10 free mints.


Step 1:

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OcBlockInvaders

Step 2:

Like and retweet link to giveaway tweet, this will get you in the Giveaway for 100 White List spots.

Step 3:

Comment in the above tweet for an extra chance to win a spot.

Step 4:

Join their Discord https://discord.gg/NDzsuqaUGH and verify.

Step 5:

Do all the above and change your Twitter avatar for 2 days with one of the OnChain Block Invaders below while tagging them(@OcBlockInvaders) in a #newpfp post.

This will add you to the Giveaway for 10 Free mints, when the collection is released.

Optional Step:

Join their Discord AMA at Mar 26 9.00 am EST / 13pm GMT and you can win extra White List allocations.

How to join the Onchain Block Invaders Discord:

Go to https://discord.gg/NDzsuqaUGH and verify.

After that, you will get the OBI cadet OG role.

Final Step:

Stick around their Discord and keep following them on Twitter, they will do regular Giveaways and events on both.

OnChain Block Invaders PFPs that you can use for your twitter post:



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