Move Protocol || APP Beta Test Campaign

Internal Test Time:

June 1st-June 15th

Internal Test Rules:

1. Must be a MOVE Sneaker NFT holder

2. Make an invoice at discord and fill in the application form:


This beta test will start the Move-to-Earn function, the user who applies for and passes the test can access this function. Please send any bugs or issues in #ReportBug. By reporting problems, you can receive more rewards.

The data and rewards generated by this test will be snapshot at the end of the beta test, and the test tokens acquired during the test period will be redeemed for official tokens in the official version at a certain percentage. The official token staking pool is opened when the official version is launched.

During the beta test, the bound MOVE Sneaker NFT assets are not affected.

About MOVE

MOVE is a Web3 fitness and lifestyle app with game-fi and social-fi attributes. The MOVE project considers people’s basic fitness lifestyle activity needs to help create and promote a community of people actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle through sports and fitness activity.

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