Margin Protocol Incentivized Testnet

About Margin Protocol :-

It is Margin Trading Platform Built on Cosmos Ecosystsem.Make Tarding Decentralized.

Still in Early Stages They gave us Chance to experinece & Test It . They Incentives Program For Testnet Users. Follow Below Steps To Test It

Testnet Link ::

Step 1 :- Setting Up Wallet

Step 2: We Need 2 Faucet To Run TestNet 1st We Need Main Token Faucet

Now we Going To Join Discord Of Official JUNO network

Join From Here 👉 Click Here

Verify & Enter Discord , Scroll Down Until U See This

Use Below Command to Get Faucet :-

$request <Ur Juno Wallet Adrress Starts With Juno>

Step 3: Taking 2nd Faucet(mUSD)

Click On Faucet(mUSD)

  1. Click to Copy Address
  2. Paste it In Testnet Address
  3. Click On Send Me Tokens , It will take few seconds to Send tokens.

Step 4: Now we going to do testing

Come to Home page

  1. Put Any Amount For Open Position
  2. Set Leverage to 5x-10x
  3. Click On Open Postion
  4. U will Get Confirmation In Keplr Extension That U have to approve
  5. Then U will See This

Now u Can Click On Close Postion & U will Get Another Confirmation to close Postion In Keplr Wallet Extension.

Thats all , Testing Done



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