Welcome to Testnet

Being a new and revolutionary protocol, rather than a fork, we know that one of the chief concerns in the DeFi space is how a new system will work in practice, not just in modeled tests.

Which is exactly why we’ve put up a testnet version of our DApp, so users have time to experience its functionality and explore the contracts if they want. here’s a quick guide to getting started if your wallet isn’t set up for Fantom’s testnet yet.

Step 1: Get on Fantom testnet

The easiest way is by visiting Chainlist and adding the RPC information to your wallet through there. Once that’s added you’ll be able to switch to the correct network through your wallet as you would for any other chain.

Adding Fantom’s testnet RPC information to a wallet

You can also go to the Fantom Foundation’s website and input the information from there manually.

Step 2: Get some testnet FTM

Go to the fantom faucet, enter your wallet address, and click request. You may be asked to fill out a captcha, then you’ll be sent 5 testnet FTM. That’s enough to fund many transactions and to swap some for Liquid Finance’s native testnet tokens.

Step 3: Trade for testnet lqFTM and LIQD

We’ve deployed a testnet dex front-end to make our test system fully functional. Here you can swap for lqFTM or LIQD to use on Liquid Finance, as well as create liquidity pairs.

Swap or add liquidity

It’s just a quick fork of SushiSwap, so the gas token, testnet FTM, appears as ETH.

Step 4: Head to the Liquid Finance app

Once you have some lqFTM, LIQD, both, or even LP pairs including them, you can test out the features on https://testnet.liquidfinance.io/.

Liquid Finance app

For more information or if you have any questions, swing by our discord and say hi. We’re gearing up for launch in a few days and welcome any and all feedback.



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