Jediswap does not support the playground tokens so we need to do some additional things before swapping.

Step 1:

First we add their specific tokens into our Argent X wallet first.

J26JAN0 address: 0x178dbb224d42b76d1e4697741c8c43068ced9792bc511941ce865c0fc951369

J26JAN1 address: 0x41e1b41f88e7c8390c0d23f927b37dd69e2e8fec21f52631e04b210a71c0fe4

J26JAN0 address: 0x496585a4cbaf2d7475b1f5294b83e7fea343ff3fe7c7625b87ea46c6f83eb1d

This is what you will see afterwards:

Step 2:

Now we mint the tokens using the block explorer.

To mint J26JAN0, go to and connect your Argent X wallet.

(You might have to refresh once to get it to detect your wallet.)

At “”, enter the following,

recipient: Your Argent X wallet address (0x…)

amount.low: 1000000000000000000000

amount.high: 0

Click “Transact” to mint your tokens.

You will see 1000 $J26JAN0 in your Argent X wallet afterwards.

If you want to mint $J26JAN1 and $J26JAN2, repeat the above with the links below. (You can swap using $J26JAN0 already so this is optional.)



Step 3:

Finally we are ready to make some swaps. Go to and connect your wallet.

We just minted $JAN26J0 so we swap it for $JAN26JAN1.


Swap multiple times between the 3 tokens and that’s it. Other functions like adding liquidity are not usable yet.



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