20,000,000 $KYVE Token Incentivized Testnet || KYVE on Korellia Network || Korellia Testnet.


Kyve (Twitter : https://twitter.com/KYVENetwork) allows developers and applications to store and retrieve data with built-in validation. It leverages Arweave, the decentralized data storage protocol, to permanently and immutably store the data.


Kyve’s incentivized testnet will be open for two months.

2% of the the supply (20,000,000 $KYVE) is allocated for the incentivized testnet. The rewards are distributed as follows:

  • Pool A rewards the top 5,000 participants on the leaderboard (5,000,000 $KYVE)
  • Pool B rewards top 10,000 participants on the leaderboard (5,000,000 $KYVE)
  • Top node runners in either top 2500 or 5000 (10,000,000 $KYVE)

You’ll have to complete design, community and engineering tasks to get points to rank high in the leaderboard.

Read here for details.


Getting started:

Go to https://app.kyve.network/ and connect your Keplr wallet. It will automatically ask you to add the KYVE Korellia network.

Then click “Facuet” and claim your testnet $KYVE from all 3 sources (Twitter, Discord and wheel spinning). For Discord and wheel spinning, you can claim everyday.

(Due to extreme congestion of the facuet, prepare to wait a few hours before receiving your tokens.)

Step 1:

Now go to “Tasks” and read the task description.

Community tasks are easy to complete so make sure to finish those. Content tasks involve making videos/memes/content.

In this guide, we will go through two simple engineering task, Pool Delegating and Pool Funding.

Step 2:

We first go for the “Pool Delegating Task”.

Go to “Pools” and choose one of the network.

At “Delegation”, choose a validator to delegate your $KYVE to. Input your amount to delegate and confirm.

Step 2:

Now we move on to the “Pool Funding Task”.

At “Funders”, click “Become a funder”. Input an amount higher than minimum funding amount and confirm.

Step 3: (Optional)

Check the governance section for proposals that you can vote on to finish the governance vote mission. (At the time of writing, there are no proposals to vote on.)

For other engineering tasks involving running nodes, you can read the docs or watch the videos at their article.

Step 4:

To check your score and rank, go to “Korellia Profile”.

That’s it for the guide. Ask at Kyve Discord if you have any questions.



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