Parcl (Solana Testnet) Airdrop On Solana Network || Incentivized Testing Program.


Parcl (Twitter : is a real estate synthetic asset protocol on Solana. The protocol allows for the creation of synthetic “Parcls” which are tied to a valuation index that is representative of the average price per square foot within a given neighbourhood.


The Parcl Testnet is launching on March 30th at 10 am EST and running through April 10th at 11:59 pm EST.

2000 Testnet participants that provide thoughtful, useful feedback will earn a Whitelist spot for the Homeowners Association NFT among other benefits & rewards, where eligible.

The NFT costs 0.5 $SOL for whitelist holders and gives you early access to mainnet with boosted rewards. You can find more details of the NFT here.


Getting Started:

Parcl is on Solana Devnet. Go to your Phantom Wallet and change your network to Devnet.

Step 1:

Go to Connect your wallet and claim your devnet $SOL and $USDC.

Step 2:

Now go to “Trade” and buy a unit (square foot) of a random neighbourhood.

After buying, you can check your portfolio by clicking on the arrow on the left.

Step 3:

Next we go to “Borrow” from a random market.

Here we are depositing some USDC to borrow a unit of Venice, CA.

Step 4:

We then go to “Pool” and add liquidity to the neighbourhood you just swapped or borrowed.

Enter amount and confirm.

The more active you are on the protocol during the Testnet, the higher your chances of being rewarded. You might want to repeat the steps above for a few different neighbourhoods.

Step 4:

Finally and most importantly, go to “Feedback” and fill in the form. You will be asked to provide feedbacks on different parts of the protocol.

That’s it for the guide. Please ask at Parcl Discord if you have any questions.



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