@RGN @Ragnar Finance Testnet || Airdrop for Testnet Users and Early Adopters || Join Now.

Step 0

Firstly, we need Avalanche Fuji-C Chain which is testnet name of Avalanche network. Go to https://chainlist.org/chain/43113
Connect your wallet and click Add-To-Metamask button. If you are new to Avax Testnet, you need some AVAX. Go to: https://faucet.avax.network/
Write your AVAX address and get some AVAX to pay fees.

Step 1

Go to the platform: https://test.ragnar.finance
Connect your Metamask wallet.

Step 2

After connecting, click “More” button on top menu and Click “MINT” button.

Step 3

Mint RGN, CURVE LP and YETI. Approve them on Metamask.

Step 4

Click Farm on top menu and Click YETI pool. Click MAX button > APPROVE in wallet. Then click CONVERT button. After approval, click Stake button. Again MAX and then DEPOSIT button. After clicking DEPOSIT button, Metamask will pop-up and you will approve the transaction. You need to apply these steps for CURVE-LP too.

Step 5

After a few mins, your rewards will be on Claim tab. Go to Claim section. Then click CLAIM button. Approve in Metamask. Also, you can click CLAIM ALL button on the bottom of the pools.

Step 6

Go to Lock on top menu. Click MAX button and Approve then click LOCK button.



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