Hedge finance — Testnet + “Early Adopter” role

By depositing their SOL, users are able to borrow, for a one time fee of 0.5%, the USH stablecoin interest free at a minimum collateral ratio of 110%.

Raised more than $3,7M investment in the seed round.

Funds and investors: Pantera, Solana Ventures, Shima Capital, DCM, AngelDAO, Vinny Lingham, SOLBigBrain, Ben Ling (Bling Capital), Tristan0x (Zeta Markets), Matt & Josh (Origin Protocol), Norbert Bodziony (Synthetify), Alfonso (Crossmint), Andriy (Allbridge), Gaingels.

In this guide, we will tell you how to get the “Early Adopter” role, as well as what actions you need to perform within the Testnet.

How to get the “Early Adopter” role?

  1. Go to Hedge finance Discord, verify yourself and react to two emoji (see picture below). To get a role, be sure to click the one on the right side. (Attention! Due to the large number of requests, there may be problems with verification, try several times).
    Also you can request the role in #Announsment branch.

You can request an Early Adopter role before April 24th 2022!!! (But don`t put off with this, as it can be closed at any moment… we had such precedents…)

Testnet guide.

You will need Phantom wallet for this Testnet. You can launch it HERE.

STEP 1. Open your Phantom Wallet, go to Settings and change a network to Devnet.


STEP 2. Get test SOL tokens to your wallet in the Devnet network.
To do this, go to the FAUCET and enter the address of your wallet there. (Attention, do not try to get more than 1 SOL at a time. The transaction will be canceled).

STEP 3. Create your vault and deposit
Go to Hedge finance and connect your wallet via Select Wallet button.

Make a test deposit with SOL.


STEP 4. Take Vault Debt (USH)

STEP 5. The next step is to pay off the debt and return the funds that were borrowed.

STEP 6. Repeat “step 4” and borrow USH coins.

STEP 7. Go to “Pools” and add a part of borrowed USH to the pool.

At this point, our Testnet guide ends. Additionally, you can explore the site yourself and find other features you can test. The more interaction you have with the test environment, the better.

Where to send feedback or found errors and bugs?

You can left your feedback on Hedge finance Discord in the “Feedback” section.



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