$OLE Airdrop worth $50-$500 || OpenLeverage Airdrop (Ethereum/BNB Network) || Join Now.


Getting Started:

Switch your network to BSC Mainnet where OpenLeverage is on.

Step 1:

Go to OpenLeverage using https://bnb.openleverage.finance/app/referral/f521ba1f (5% more rewards).

Step 2:

Click “Lend to Earn”. Then choose which asset you want to lend out. For example, I am choosing BNB here.

Step 3:

In OpenLeverage, each trading pair (all paired with $BNB in $BNB Pools) has an independent lending pool. Choose the trading pair you want to lend your assets to. You might want to choose the ones with a higher reward ratio as they give more $OLE tokens.

Step 4:

Click “Deposit”. Input your amount and confirm. The $BNB will now be lent out to leverage traders of the chosen trading pair.

Step 5:

To see your total $OLE earned, go to “Rewards”.

Step 6: (Optional)

For experienced traders or those who know how to hedge/open two-way position, you might also want to margin trade to gain even more $OLE rewards. You can also leverage trade the USDT-BUSD pair for no risk.

The minimum trading volume to be eligible for rewards is now reduced to $1000 (Read the tweet here).

For $10000+ trading volume, check how the trading volume correspond with rewards here.

That’s it for the guide. Ask at OpenLeverage Discord if you have any questions.



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