FINX Wallet Extension Major Airdrop Event || 500,000 $FINX Tokens || Join Now.

To celebrate the launch of our FINX Wallet Extension and show our warm welcome to all new users on FINX, we have decided to launch the first FINX Major Airdrop Event!

This campaign will start on 27th May, 12PM (UTC+8) to 8th July, 6 weeks in total. We will be giving away 500,000 $FINX Tokens as a total prize pool to our community for this event.

Note: All events are held inside our Discord channel, so be sure to join our Discord first!

Discord Link:

*The Total prize pool will be divided into 7 event categories with different allocation each, continue reading to learn more!

Pre-requisite Event: Wallet Installation — 20% of total prize pool

As a prerequisite threshold to participate in the rest of our airdrops events, you are required to:

1. Download & create an account with FINX Wallet Extension via any browsers below
2. Submit your FINX Wallet Address + Discord username in our Discord #pre-requisite channel to be eligible for this airdrop.

Download Link:

👉Chrome & Brave:


👉Discord Link:

*Once you have done the pre-requisite event above, you may proceed to join the rest of the contest below! 👇

Event 1: Wallet Transaction — 20% of total prize pool

To participate in “Wallet Transaction” event, you can choose to either:

  1. Have a minimum of $500 USDT swap transaction in BSC CHAIN ONLY using FINX wallet throughout our FINX airdrop campaign period (10% of total airdrop, users will get @VIP role if eligible)

*Must swap to or from USDT to be eligible.

Example: Depositing $500 worth of token (can be any token, be it BNB, BTC, ETH etc) into our wallet extension BSC CHAIN and use our SWAP feature to swap into USDT and be eligible for the event, or vise versa.

2. Have a minimum balance of $20 USDT store inside FINX Wallet extension (in BSC CHAIN ONLY) throughout the campaign period (10% of total airdrop, users will get @HODLer role if eligible)

Mechanism: Snapshot will be taken from our backend in between. If you are eligible for this airdrop, a Discord role will be automatically given (in between event) via the discord ID you submitted from our Pre-requisite event above.

Event 2: Shilling Reward — 20% of total prize pool

There are 2 ways to be rewarded in this Shilling Reward event.

  1. Tweet about your thoughts on our FINX wallet extension and tag us. The tweet must have a minimum of 3 likes & 3 RT to be eligible for the airdrop. Once your tweet has hit the minimum requirement, submit it in our Google form in our discord channel (#event-two channel) for us to review. You will receive a @Shiller role if you are eligible for it.
    - (10% of total airdrop)
  2. Getting retweeted by us! We will retweet tweets that consist of meaningful thoughts about FINX wallet extension. Any tweets that get retweeted by us will receive a special @Shiller+ , and you will be eligible for extra airdrop. So be sure to write meaningful tweet so that we can retweet it!
    - (10% of total airdrop)

Mechanism: Submit your tweet link in our Discord (#event-two channel) google form to receive a role. Our team will manually check to see if you are eligible or not.

Event 3: Community Angel — 10% of total prize pool

No time to join our airdrop events? Then this is probably your best shot!

We highly appreciate individuals that are helpful and sincere to our community members. If you are the person that constantly answer and help users on our server, a special @Angel role will be given to you by our mod for a special airdrop! Our mods will determine whether you are eligible for it based on your overall engagement.

Mechanism: Automatically given by our MOD

Event 4: Bug Inspector — 10% of total prize pool

Notice bugs when using FINX Wallet Extension? Inform us and get rewarded! *Only for the first person that spotted the bug.

Mechanism: If you encounter any bugs, kindly submit via dedicated google form in Discord #event-four channel and the team will check it ASAP. Once the team verified the problem, @Inspector role will be given to you!

Event 5: Invite Contest — 10% of total prize pool

Simply invite your friends to join our Discord server via your own invitation link. The more you invite, the more you will be rewarded! Remember, bot invites will be disqualified!

- 5 Invites: 1% ( @5 Inv Role)
- 20 Invites: 2% ( @20 Inv Role)
- 50 Invites: 3% ( @50 Inv Role)
- 100 Invites: 4% ( @100 Inv Role)

Mechanism: Head over to #invite-tracker channel and type /invites command to check your total invites. If you hit the requirement above, you may screenshot it and submit at #submission channel.

Our team will manually check the quality of invites, so expect a few days delay before receiving your role.

Note: We have our own tracking system to see your invited users, so be sure not to invite bots or fake accounts into our server!

Event 6: Chat Contest — 10% of total prize pool

Love to engage with the community? Then this is for you! Simply engage and make meaningful conversation with other members to level up your chat experience. The higher your chat level, the more reward it will be. *We do not tolerate spammers, all spammers will be ban!

- Lvl 5: 1% ( @Lv 5 Role)
- Lvl 15: 1.5% ( @Lv 15 Role)
- Lvl 20: 2% ( @Lv 20 Role)
- Lvl 25: 2.5% ( @Lv 25 Role)
- Lvl 30: 3% (@Lv 30 Role)

Mechanism: Role will be automatically given once you hit any of the level above. A snapshot will be taken at the end of the event.

Note: Prize will not be accumulated, Lvl 30 will only get split from 3%, while Lvl 25 split from 2.5% and so on.



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