EvmoSwap-Testnet Guide


EvmoSwap (Twitter : https://twitter.com/evmoswap) is an AMM for the Evmos network.


EvmoSwap testnet will be open for two weeks (15/4 to 29/4).

An allocation of $EMO token (native and governance token of EvmoSwap) will be distributed to incentivize participants of the public testnet. There are no information about eligibility and amount of allocation at the time of writing.

Read here for details.


Getting started:

EvmoSwap is on Evmos testnet. You can add the network at https://chainlist.org/.

Get your testnet EVMOS from https://faucet.evmos.dev/. Enter your MetaMask address that starts with 0x.

Step 1:

Head to https://testnet.evmoswap.org/tools and get $DAI, $USDC and $USDT.

Step 2:

Now go to “Swap” and make some random swaps.

Step 3:

Click on “Liquidity” to create a LP.

Step 4:

Next we go to “Pool” to try to remove part of our LP.

Step 5:

Finally we go to “Yield” and choose one of the farms.

As we already have the LP tokens, we choose “Staking” and stake our LP tokens to farm.

We unstake some of our LP. Move the slider to change to “Unstake liquidity”. Input amount and confirm.

Go to “Rewards” and harvest the farmed $EMO. In testnet, the $EMO rewards doesn’t go to your address so don’t be surprised about not seeing them in the wallet.

That’s it for the guide. Ask at EvmoSwap Discord if you have any questions. If you found bugs or have any feedbacks, report at #testnet-feedback in their discord.





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