Evmos Guardians $GRDN Airdrop Incoming

Evmos Guardians are going to do airdrop to EVMOS stakers and Guardian NFT Holders.

Airdrop Schedule:

⭐ Snapshot: July 10–17, 2022

⭐ Holders Airdrop: July 21, 2022

⭐ $GRDN Listing: 28 July, 2022

⭐ EVMOS Stakers Airdrop: 29 July, 2022

Check Full Schedule Here

Who is Eligible?

✅ Guardian NFT Holders

✅ Stakers of at least 50 $EVMOS on Evmos Guardians node.

How to be eligible?

Method #1
The easiest way to be eligible is by minting an Guardian NFT. Mint here: https://www.evmosguardians.io/mint

Each Guardian NFT will receive the same amount of $GRDN.

If you hold 2 Guardians, you’ll receive x2 base airdrop,

if you hold 3 Guardians you’ll receive x3 and so on.

Method #2

Staking minimum 50 EVMOS on Evmos Guardians node.

Stake EVMOS: https://evmos.disperze.network/validators/evmosvaloper1suvf29zmvlmgg92zngez946nj8jrtu4hmxpwqv

If you have already staked EVMOS on other node, you can relocate by the following steps:

  1. First go to here: https://evmos.disperze.network/
  2. Select the validator you’ve currently staked.

3. Then click on the drop down arrow and click on “Restake”

4. Now select “Evmos Guardians — evmosvaloper…ez946nj8jrtu4hmxpwqv ” and add minimum 50 EVMOS and click on “Next”. Then confirm the transaction.

5. Done 🎉!!! Now you will be qualified for the airdrop.

That’s all for the guide. If you found it helpful, do hit the clap button and support our work 😊



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