$15,000 USDC and 3,045,000 FLASH Tokens as Reward || Flashstake Protocol Incentivized Testnet.

Blockzero Labs is providing $15,000 USDC and 3,045,000 FLASH for the Flash Testnet.

After internally battle-testing the protocol, Blockzero Labs is opening up a testnet competition with prizes of $7,500 USD & 45,000 Flash. Additionally, there is $7,500 USD and up to 3 million Flash up for grabs as bug bounties.

There will be several rounds of testing. The first round starts Friday, June 24th at 5 PM UTC and ends Wednesday, June 29th at 5 PM UTC.

Flashstake Testnet Announcement

How to participate

Testing of the Flashstaking Protocol will be done using the web3 frontend and we will drop the link just before the testnet opens!

For a basic introduction to the protocol and its functionalities please see the documentation here.

There are two ways to participate — by reaching a Top 25 Leaderboard ranking or by discovering and reporting a bug.

Leaderboard — $2,500 USDC and 7,500 Flash per round

By performing the following tasks, you will earn points. The more you do, the more you earn!

Perform tasks and earn points to rise up the leaderboard!

Once the testnet has launched, you can check the leaderboard rankings here. This will not be available until the testnet goes live.

Submit Bugs

Please submit any front-end-related bugs you discover using the marker.io tool directly on the right side of the dapp screen. Please report all other bugs, potential exploits or general smart contract logic inconsistencies using this typeform.

Participants have until Wednesday, June 29th 5 PM UTC to submit bugs.


Rewards will be allocated as follows:

Leaderboard and Bug Bounty reward breakouts

Leaderboard Rewards Breakout

$2,500 USD and 7,500 FLASH will be awarded to the Leaderboard Top 25 as follows:

Top 25 Leaderboard award breakout

Rewards for Submission of Bugs

All bugs submitted will receive an independent review from the Blockzero Labs Core and be given a ‘Severity Score’. Based on the Severity Score and the total number of bugs found, exact rewards will be determined (see disclaimer section below).

Smart contract bugs are more favorably rewarded than frontend issues. The more severe a bug, the higher the severity score and the higher the payout. However, don’t be discouraged to report anything you find. Even previously-undiscovered typos will be eligible for a reward, so have a close look.

Registration and Testnet Tokens

Anyone is invited to test the dapp. The testing will be performed on the KOVAN network.

  1. Please register your Ethereum wallet address and share your contact details here.
    We will drop Flash Test Tokens to your address shortly before the competition starts. You can also enter the competition at any point later on while the competition is still running. Test tokens will typically be distributed within 24 hours.
  2. Get some Test ETH
    Please prepare your wallet with some test ETH by visiting one of the available KOVAN faucets:
  3. On the KOVAN network, you will be able to exchange ETH for DAI on uniswap.
    Make sure to use the DAI token address provided below.

Contract Addresses on KOVAN:

Flash Token: 0xF31231Bc6842150B3a2Dc12AB6a3143f1287EB8C

Flash NFT: 0xBe4afDCb911017Fb865412f69f331E37136A65D7

FlashFToken: 0x7e6871b123a948176c486d1be9ffb198787836c5

DAI: 0xFf795577d9AC8bD7D90Ee22b6C1703490b6512FD


Participants have until Wednesday, June 29th, at 5 PM UTC to submit bugs for wave 1 of the competition. Subsequent waves will be announced separately.

Bugs are rewarded on a first-come-first-served basis. This means that if two people submit the same bug, the person who submitted the Typeform first will be the only person eligible for compensation.

Not all bugs will be treated the same or given the same compensation.

Bugs discovered that would result in a loss of funds on the protocol will be judged with the highest Severity Scores. In case multiple valid submissions are made the Blockzero Labs Core Citizens decide how to split the rewards.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to discuss the security of the protocol please join us on Discord in the #flashstake channel.



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