100$ To 500$ Vertex Protocol (Terra) Testnet Airdrop || Upcoming Airdrop Terra Network.


Vertex Protocol (Twitter : https://twitter.com/vertex_protocol) is a trading platform for foreign currency on Terra. Users can trade FX perpetuals with up to 44x leverage.


Vertex launched their Phase 1 testnet on Feb 28. Rewards are not confirmed for testnet users but the team said they are discussing rewards for early community.

For details of the testnet, read here.


Getting Started:

Go to your Terra Station Wallet and switch to testnet. (If you don’t have Terra station wallet, get its Chrome extension/iOS app/Android app.)

Get your testnet $LUNA/$UST from https://faucet.terra.money/. If you have problems with the faucet, ask at the #testnet-funds channel in Vertex Discord.

If you received $LUNA, swap it to $UST in the wallet or at https://app.terraswap.io/.

Step 1:

Go to https://vertexprotocol.io/dashboard and connect your wallet. Click on “Deposit”.

Input the amount of $UST to deposit as collateral and confirm.

Step 2:

Go to “Trade”. Decide your market and whether you want to long or short. Input your order size and confirm.

Close the position after a while.

Step 3:

Now go to “Pools”. Choose a pool to provide liquidity. Input notional amount and confirm.

We can see our position immediately. We withdraw some of our LP.

Enter amount of LP to withdraw and confirm.

That’s all for the guide. Continue to play around with the testnet and report bugs or feedbacks at their Discord.

If you are interested in joining Vertex’s testnet focus group of ~100 testers, fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Fg9VL8yksfhyWex1A. (FORM IS NOW CLOSED.) You will be asked to provide feedback and input via an anonymous survey which they will then use to shape the future development of Vertex.



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